Phillip’s professional mentoring programmes are tailored to provide you with the right blend of mentoring, training, guidance, advice and support to ensure you achieve your objectives.

The first Phillip will ask you is:- “How will you measure that working with me has been a huge success?” Why not prepare your answer now…

The mentoring programmes are based on Phillip’s methodology around building a Lean, Nimble and Profitable business. Clients comment that the combination of this structured approach and the training, guidance, advice, support and expertise delivered has been a smart investment for their business.

Typically clients are SME business owners who have ambition to grow, and understand that eCommerce is an essential element for a sustainable successful business. The reasons clients give for choosing to work with Phillip are lack of time, lack of expertise or lack of confidence in making tough decisions to really drive their business forward on their own.

Phillip plugs these gaps by…

Keeping you on track, focusing your time on the value-added activities that achieve your business aims and objectives

Sharing his expertise and helping you to develop strategies to control costs and cash flow, improve customer engagement, out manoeuvre competitors, increase revenue streams and increase profits.

Acting as a sounding board for your ideas, interrogating them, providing feedback, fresh ideas and offering validation as an experienced third party, to give you the confidence that you are making the right decision.

Finding a Mentor in Business – how it works…

Phillip’s professional mentoring programmes are delivered face-to-face with further support offered by direct access to over the phone.

Phillip works with a maximum of 3, non-competing businesses at any point in time. If you become one of these businesses you will benefit from working directly with Phillip. He will tailor your programme specifically to meet your goals. You will benefit from access to one of the UKs most knowledgeable eCommerce specialists along with gaining access to Phillip’s trusted network of industry experts.

To discover more about taking your business forward and to discuss when your bespoke mentoring programme could start please complete the enquiry form now.

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